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The Gift Emporium

The Gift Emporium

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Animal Masks Wall Plaque

Exotic African wall plaque with traditionally carved giraffe, elephant, zebra and leopard masks.

Our Price:   $15.96
Item:  34759
In Stock

Celestial Wall Plaque

Intricate details lend astral glory to this starry stone-look moon and sun plaque. 

Our Price:   $10.36
Item:  32269
In Stock

Dragon Dagger Wall Plaque

An impressive display of medieval mythology, as a pair of dragons entwine around a formidable dagger. The dragons are expertly crafted in polyresin. 

Our Price:   $19.96
Item:  36247
In Stock

Sword And Dragon Coat-of-arms

No castle is complete without a noble knightly crest! Two proud dragons, locked in battle, intertwine to form a curvy backdrop for two shining gold-hilted removable swords. Hang this prize with pride upon your door or wall! Decorative purposes only. 

Our Price:   $23.96
Item:  38011
In Stock

Texas Star Wall Plaque

Legend has it that everything’s bigger in Texas... even the stars! Magnificent wall wreath is a fun and unique way to declare your love for the Lone Star State, boldly styled and richly detailed in chocolate-finish metalcraft. 

Our Price:   $31.96
Item:  38595
In Stock

Zebra Mask Wall Plaque

This unique zebra mask evokes the texture of carved wood in a distinctly tribal design.

Our Price:   $13.56
Item:  34758
In Stock